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Mighty Maca Plus Is Here!

Women With Baby In the jungles of Peru - in fact, all over Peru - I was told time and again about the potent healing capabilities of the maca root. In ancient times, Incan warriors drank juice from the maca root to give them strength and stamina before going into battle. Today people in Peru and other cultures use this root as a natural remedy for sickness, infertility, undernourished babies, and much more.

After returning to the United States in October 2007, I formulated a nutritional supplement that combines the power of the maca root with some of the most powerful nutrients and plant extracts I learned about in my travels.

The result is Mighty Maca, a marvelous alkalizing, antioxidant, all-natural drink. It's infused with a therapeutic dose of maca root, along with una de gata (cat's claw) from Peru, acerola from Brazil, mangosteen from Indonesia, and numerous other ingredients that have been trusted around the globe for centuries for their restorative, health-enhancing qualities.

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Michael Payne, director of Living Well Today and an internationally recognized expert on Zyto/energetic technologies, has tested Mighty Maca. He found it to be "at least 45% superior" to any other green or maca drink available.

Mighty Maca combines important minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients in a powerful, synergistic, balanced formula that increases stamina, aids metabolism, improves digestion, decreases inflammation, helps with mood disorders and PMS, and even strengthens libido. One scoop of Mighty Maca Greens powder, when mixed with a few ounces of water/juice/smoothie, makes an invigorating and therapeutic drink.

A portion of sales proceeds support the charitable activities of the GVB Foundation.

Wishing you a vida pura!

Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, FACOG